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Using light as a tool is one of the most important
technological challenges of the future.

Photonics is one of the most important key technologies of the 21st century. It will increasingly play a decisive role in international competition and enables sustainable growth in numerous branches of industry.

We, in our capacity as Institut für Nanophotonik Göttingen, act in close cooperation with research institutions and industrial enterprises from all over the world in the area of application-orientated laser research, thus contributing as are intermediary between research and industry to the opening up of newand promising markets.

The departments of the Institute for Nanophotonics have achieved worldwide recognition with their research projects and developments in various fields of physics.


Optical Nanoscopy

In the last decades, light microscopy has emerged as an indispensable tool in the life sciences and in the materials sciences.

Short Pulses / Nanostructures

Materials processing by laser ablation and surface modification enables the flexible fabrication of micro- and nano-structures for challenging applications in a row of contemporary technology areas.

Optics / Short Wavelengths

The Optics / Short Wavelengths department is concerned with the characterization of laser light sources as well as high quality optics for beam steering and shaping.

Photonic Sensor Technology

The Department of Photonic Sensor Technology deals with a variety of physico-chemical, mostly light-based, analysis techniques in science, environment, and industry.